My Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss Journey

I have always had hips and thighs since I bloomed into the beautiful woman that I am today. At a young age I thought that having hips and thighs was the worst thing in my life. I hated it.
I hated buying pants and I was insecure. I felt fat and I always wished for a smaller body. I liked my shape but I hated my huge butt and large thighs. When I was a senior in high school I became comfortable with the skin I was in and I accepted me for me. Most people called me “thick” which is another way of saying your big in all the right places. ME on the other hand honestly wasn’t fat but in my eyes I were.

In my senior year of high school I got my first job as a cashier in a grocery store. At that time I began to gain weight. My job had a Chinese food restaurant inside and everyone loves Chinese food. In other words, that was my lunch every time I had my break. By the end of the summer the Chinese food caught up to me and bit me hard in the butt. By the end of the summer I gained 20 lbs. I wasn’t an active teen that exercised on a regular basis but I still assumed that the weight would come off. Well…. it didn’t. To make matters worse, the freshman dorm I lived in had a dining hall where you could eat as much as you cared to eat. You know what that meant…french fries, hamburgers and chicken tenders. Mom wasn’t around to force the vegetables down my throat and I barely put them on my plate at school.

My poor eating habits and lack of exercise had me pack on an extra 10 pounds and by the end of the year I had gained a total of 30 lbs. I know, terrible.

In my second year of college I didn’t discipline my self into losing weight. I didn’t get serious about losing weight until now in my third year of college. January 2015 is when I began my official journey. I decided that I wanted to get a trainer because every time I would try to lose weight on my own my mind wasn’t dedicated enough to continue. I wanted a trainer because I knew they would push me when I wanted to quit and they could teach me the proper techniques to reach my goals.

I did a three month commitment and I did an excellent job every time it was time to take my progress pictures.

1st month

The first picture is on my first day of training sessions. The second picture is after a month of training.

1st month

It was a very hard first month for me. I had to cut out a lot of different foods including bread and cheese. I loved bread and cheese but I had to make sacrifices if I wanted to achieve my goals. I was very proud of the results I received within the first month. My trainer kicked my butt and it was worth kicking. I exercised four times a week for at least 45 mins. to an hour. After a month I noticed that my endurance had increased and I was able to run longer than I could before. I could see that I was improving. After my second month my stomach had really gotten smaller.

2nd month

2nd Month  After my second month of training things began to change. I already had a hard time keeping myself disciplined when it came to food then, spring break came. I went on a cruise and it was over from there. It was my first time going on a cruise and if you haven’t been on one before all you need to know is FOOD GALORE. I didn’t eat like a crazy maniac but I did eat pretty bad things that I hadn’t eaten in two months. Chicken tenders, french fries and cookies were sadly my go to items. I was like a kid in a candy store.  After I got back from the cruise the discipline I had for myself had gone and I continued to eat the bad foods I had given up.

The semester was reaching its ending mark and that is when school is stressful. Papers and projects in every class all being due around the same time put a strain on me. I still worked out with my trainer but I stopped going to the gym on my own. I basically fell completely off.

I don’t have third month pictures because to me it was a set back. The great thing about life is that when something gets you down it doesn’t mean you can’t get back up. I fell off of my weight loss journey and I am sure i’m not alone. I’m going to get back into reaching my goal and I would love for you all to be apart of it. Losing weight can be a hard task to follow when you are used to eating bad foods and not exercising. You can easily fall but don’t forget to get back up. Lose weight because you want to. Don’t let anyone say you can’t. If they do, prove them wrong. I can do it and so can you.

My journey isn’t over and yours isn’t either.

8 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey

  1. High five! 🎵 What a feeling…😛 Good for you! I, too am on a new life journey. Last year I walked my first 5k and loved it! So, 🎵 Let’s do it again. Wink. This year, I am doing it again and restarting my couch 2 5k exercise plan after foot surgeries last year caused me to stop. 10 pounds lighter, I feel like the Jeffersons “Movin’ on up!” Or down. Lol
    Keep it moving, girl! Keep it movin’ !!!


  2. You had an amazing transformation! Have you gotten back into shape? I, too am bigger on the bottom but learned to embrace my curves as I became an adult. However, nowadays I have curves in the wrong places.😳 So I decided I’m gonna get in shape not only for aesthetics but to improve my health. Im starting a weight loss challenge tomorrow for 3 months. Wish me luck😊💪


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