The Do’s and Dont’s of Being a College Freshman

Do's and Donts for Freshman

Congratulations! You’ve graduated and made it to the college world! Welcome to young adulthood. It’s a great experience and you are about to learn a lot of new lessons. Don’t be afraid, this is the time when you will get to find yourself and know who your real friends are. Now that you are in the “real world” outside of your parents’ house there are a few things you can take down so that you won’t be “that” freshman. Upperclassman can easily spot you. Below are just a few tips that I have come across on my college journey.

  1. DON’T wear your lanyard around your neck. 

When you live on campus most of the time you will receive a free school paraphernalia lanyard that you can put your dorm key and other important cards on. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t, maybe you’re one of those people that can’t keep up with your keys but you are now a young adult. You don’t need to wear your lanyard around your neck to show that you can’t keep up with your stuff. Simply put it in your bag, purse or even your wallet. They have cute wrist pouches specifically for cards and your key, you can even try that. When I learned that people could tell you were a freshman from wearing your lanyard, it made me feel childish. This tip could save you from a little embarrassment.

  1. DON’T walk around with your schedule in your hand. 

It’s understandable that you don’t know your schedule or where your classes are but you don’t want to LOOK lost. Instead you should screen shot your schedule on your phone or have it written on the inside of your notebook. You can look at those two things easily as you walk so you won’t look lost. In my opinion, using your phone is better.

  1. DO walk around campus with some friends to get familiar with where your classes are located

Walking around campus to look for the building your classes are in helps you get familiar with your surroundings. It’s better to find your classes with some friends or even your roommate. It gives you a chance to get familiar with the campus and get closer to your roommate.

  1. DON’T buy your textbooks from the bookstore

When you were in grade school the books they gave you for the year were free (if you were in public school). Now that you are in college YOU have to buy your own books. Buying textbooks from the bookstore can get expensive and can add up to a lot of wasted money.  I recommend that you try book renting  websites such as Amazon, Chegg, and other trusted book selling sites.I also recommend you wait until the first day of class to buy your book because sometimes you don’t need the book OR the book can be a reference book you will never use. Books are usually always sold at a much discounted price compared to the schools bookstore.

  1. DON’T walk around with your Incept bag as your book bag. 

At my school they give all incoming freshman a bag with the school name and INCEPT written across it. Carrying around that bag is a dead giveaway, Wear it at incept then wear a normal bag to class. There are plenty of other bags to choose from, just don’t do it.

  1. DO take your classes seriously and go to class

When you stay on campus you are on your own and make your own decisions. Partying at night might be a great idea until your grades start to drop. You should definitely have fun and party if that’s what you want to do but it shouldn’t be your priority. When your GPA drops you have to work your butt off to make it go back up. It might not seem important as a freshman but when senior year comes around you don’t want to be behind to graduate with your class and you will regret your poor choices.

  1. DO plan your schedule to your sleep habit

If you’re not a person who doesn’t like to get up early don’t register for an 8 a.m. class. You will not get up or you will always be late. When you’re in college keep in mind that you make your own schedule.  Don’t give yourself a schedule that you will regret for the whole semester. If you like to sleep-in start your classes around 12 p.m. or 1 p.m.

  1. DO look at your syllabus

Your syllabus is your class guide. You may have gotten these in grade school for your parents to sign then stuffed it away somewhere. In the college world this is your guide to how the professor will run the course, when there will be tests, if they offer extra credit and what assignments are expected from you. Don’t throw this away or put it to the side you will definitely use this throughout the semester.

  1. DON’T be afraid or nervous

College isn’t scary. The work isn’t that hard and a three to four page paper isn’t as long as you think. Classes can get stressful at certain times of the semester but don’t worry you will definitely get through it. Don’t be afraid to form a study group, ask questions in class and talk to your professor. You don’t want to be one of those students begging your professor at the end of he semester for ways on how you can pass the class.

  1.  DO stay active

The Freshman 15 is REAL. Freshman 15 is when you gain at least pounds your freshman year. Most freshman have a meal plan and if you have a meal plan that was all you cared to eat like I did then you might want to stay active. When you live at home you had your parents forcing you to eat your vegetables. When you’re in college they aren’t forcing vegetables in your mouth and fried foods can become your best friend. Don’t be afraid to go to the gym or join an intramural sport. Staying active and eating healthy can help relieve stress and maintain your weight. You don’t want to be in your junior year of college regretting the Freshman 15.

Hopefully these few key tips will help you in your freshman year of college. I hope that you will take note of this because I didn’t have anyone to mention these to me.

What are your concerns of being a college freshman?

4 thoughts on “The Do’s and Dont’s of Being a College Freshman

  1. Hi I’m also starting my college blog journey, but from a little different perspective. I find this post pretty helpful and I’m definitely gonna be keeping these in mind next year. Your other posts are well-written and insightful as well. Thanks for all the good information!


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