Back To School: Senior Year


My LAST first day of college has passed, see how it went!

Ring, ring, ring schools in session! My first week of my Senior year has just passed and it was great! I’m taking 5 classes! I have never taken five classes in college and i’m hoping that this won’t be a HUGE overload. I’m confident that I will succeed this semester because Spring semester is THE BIG deal. I am a Journalism major concentrating in Public Relations and I am minoring in speech and event management. I’m excited to see what this year will bring and what fun I plan on enjoying. When I look at my past three years of college I think to myself “Wow, college went by really fast and I have definitely matured.”


The first week of school is always the easiest and the best. You learn what the class wants out of you, you see if the professor is boring. You also get to leave class early, LOL. The downside of the first week of class is the routine activity of introducing your selves to everyone. Nothing is wrong with this no scratch that, everything is wrong with this. By the time you get halfway down the classroom you would have already forgotten the first person’s name. I think by the time you’re a senior you get over the fact of meeting your classmates and just want to know if the textbook on the syllabus is actually required.


Break time before we had class.


Snapping pics in the park.


Guess what day it is??? CUTE OUTFIT DAY!

Since this is my last year of college there are a few things I am vowing to myself.  After going through three years of college I have also learned a lot about myself when it comes to school and what I will and will not do. I’m hoping that by me setting school vows for myself I will come out strong when it’s time to graduate.Here are a few things i will work on and I’m sure there are plenty out there who can work on the same thing:

  1. I vow to be more organized with my work.
  2. I vow to actually read the textbooks I buy instead of let them collect dust, and lastly
  3. I vow NOT to procrastinate.

With these three vows that a handful of college students go through I know we will have a great semester and year.

So what do you all vow this school semester? it can be anything from vowing to get up on time to vowing to actually not let your laundry pile up as tall as you. Lol I don’t know. but I would love to hear from everyone what you vow to change this school year.


Topping it off with an interesting note I found on a bench I sat at while eating lunch. It reads:

“A long time ago I sat here with my ex whom I loved very much. We ended up breaking up. Moral of the story: F that H*e.”

I found this very interesting when I sat down and saw this on the arm of a bench chair, the note escalated so fast.

Until next time guys,

– Zakeya

and don’t forget to drop down your vows! 🙂

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