6 Tips on Scheduling Classes



Scheduling classes is sometimes stressful. You have to  make sure your classes don’t over lap,  choose the class with  good days and times,  and make sure the professors aren’t professors from hell.  Don’t worry guys because after reading my tips on scheduling classes you will feel a whole lot better.

TIP #1

Don’t schedule your classes too late or too early

When you schedule your classes keep in mind the type of person that you are. Are you a morning person or do you like to sleep in? Don’t set yourself up for failure by taking an 8 am class when you know you will have a hard time getting up to go to it. Make sure you are scheduling your class times accordingly.

TIP #2

Find a “study buddy” in class

I put study buddy in parenthesis because you literally don’t have to study with them but, if you choose to that’s also cool. You need to get at least one or two contacts in your classes just in case you ever miss a day of class. You need to know what you have missed such as notes or important date changes to an assignment. You want to make sure they are reliable contacts because most professors tell you to ask a classmate on what you missed instead  of coming directly to them.  This can also be a beneficial contact because both of you will have someone to rely on and both of you could help each other when you are studying for tests.

TIP #3

Schedule in close proximity of buildings

If your school is located on a large campus like mine was, I would suggest you try to schedule your classes around the same buildings as much as possible. If you are not able too then that’s fine. I only suggest this so you won’t have to try to run, skip and bike half-way across campus  in 15 minutes to get to class on time. You don’t want to be a sweaty mess every time you go to class.

TIP #4

Check RateMyProfessor.com and ask people for recommended professors

Rate My Professor is a website for college students to check out what kind of professor they are getting into without taking the class. It’s a handy tool when it comes to choosing classes. The website gives an overview of student’s opinions who have taken the class already. This website is helpful because professors do not usually change how they teach their courses. Students will usually comment if the professor is easy, hard,  and what the professors expects as far as assignments.

I also suggest that you ask people if they have taken a course that you are about to take because if they had a good or bad professor they will definitely tell you who take and who to avoid.

TIP #5

Create at least two different schedules

Sometimes classes can fill up quickly depending on the course and the number of available spots. It is helpful to have two mock schedules just in case you aren’t able to go with one schedule you can go with the back up.

TIP #6

Wait until classes drop to get the class you need

Sometimes classes can fill up quickly and the availability is gone. Don’t worry, if there is a class you really need to take just wait until they drop people out of the classes and take their place. That may sound a little harsh but you have to do what you have to do.


I hope you will remember these tips when it comes to scheduling your own classes and you won’t feel as overwhelmed when you’re planning your schedule. Happy Scheduling!

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