10 Tips to Communicate Better With Your Partner


Communicating can get tough sometimes, here are 10 tips to help you and your partner communicate better.

Everyone wants a relationship that works. Everyone wants to be happy with their significant other. In order for people to be comfortable with their partner and be able to tell them everything, everyone must take the number one rule into action, COMMUNICATION.

Communication is the most important aspect of a relationship. This may be cliche but communication is ALWAYS key. Communicating isn’t a one person deal it takes the both of you. If both of you are able to communicate healthily, in an understanding way, then your relationship will flourish with happiness. Here are 10 tips that you and your partner can use to communicate better and healthily.

TIP #1

If something is bothering you, tell them.

Your significant other isn’t psychic. Your partner is not going to know every single time something is bothering you. If they could read minds then no one would ever have  any problems. In order for your partner to change whatever is bothering you, you have to give them the chance to let them know. If they never know the issue then they can never fix it. If they love and care for you they will do what it takes to make your relationship work.

TIP #2

Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner.

This is one of the most important tips of all. Don’t settle, you have to be able to talk to your partner comfortably without being afraid. You should not be afraid to express yourself. You may be nervous when you have to bring up a concern but you should not be afraid to do it. If you keep quiet on an issue that you have you will never get an answer or a solution. This can become a major problem because instead of solving an issue the problem will only build into a horrible mess. Your partner is like your best friend, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk to your best friend.

TIP #3

Yelling is not going to help. Keep Calm.

I know you may want to bite their head off in certain situations but yelling doesn’t make solving the issue any easier or better. You have to be able to TALK to them NOT yell at them. If both of you are yelling then no one is listening. You don’t like to get yelled at so don’t yell at them. Try to approach the situation in a calm and positive way so both of you can talk and solve the issue. If both of you are that upset with each other, then walk away and return when both of you have cooled down.

TIP #4

Be able to compromise.

You and your partner may not always agree and that is absolutely fine. You each have different views on things but the main thing is to compromise. Coming to a common ground on a situation is sometimes the only way you will fix it. A relationship is a partnership with two people. You can’t always have it your way. Coming to an agreement on something helps both of you grow instead of being two stubborn people.

TIP #5

If you can’t remember, write it down.

This may sound stupid but it is very helpful. When you and your partner are communicating you may get thrown off by your partners answers and forget to finish your thoughts. Sometimes talking to your partner is overwhelming and you forget everything you want to say. Writing down your thoughts and points you want to address gives you the opportunity to remember everything and help you when you are explaining to your partner.

TIP #6

Listen to your partner and don’t interrupt.

Now that you have explained your concerns, you have to give your partner your undivided attention. You have to hear their side of the story without interrupting them. If both of you give each other the chance to speak, you have a better chance at solving the problem. If both of you are interrupting you can never get to the solution. If you are listening to them make sure their undivided attention is on you as well. No one wants to be ignored.

TIP #7

If you don’t understand their explanation, ask.

Sometimes you or your partner may need a better understanding. Make sure you are explaining your concerns as clearly as possible. If they are still having a hard time ask them to to explain what they think you mean. Hearing what they comprehend lets you know what they understand and you can clarify the missing points. This shouldn’t be a big issue but sometimes an explanation can get confusing.

TIP #8

Don’t go below the belt.

Don’t be mean to your partner.It is not nice to down your partner and they shouldn’t do that to you either. Both of you are suppose to lift each other up. If both of you are having a disagreement about something, hurting each other’s feelings is not going to make the situation better. Hurting your partners feelings will make things worse and add onto more problems.

TIP #9

Get to the point.

Sugar coating and beating around the bush is annoying. Get straight to the point. If you jump around the issue, they may never understand what you are trying to say. Don’t hurt their feelings but say your issue or concern. If you get to the point the first time you won’t have to wonder if they understand what you are saying. Don’t be afraid to get straight to it.

TIP #10

Talk face-to-face.

When you have a serious or major issue you want to talk about don’t do it through text message. It’s better to talk in person. Texting can get confusing sometimes because people interpret messages differently. If you are face-to-face you can read their body language and look at them at the same time. You can also hear their tone of voice instead of assuming from a text message.

After communicating healthily you should be able to come out of the conversation with a clear understanding. Communicating can be hard at first, but if both of you are willing to do it your relationship will definitely be better.

5 thoughts on “10 Tips to Communicate Better With Your Partner

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  2. Been checking out different blogs today and came across yours. Which I enjoyed specially this post as I believe communication is key. These tips will be very beneficial for me personally. Look forward to future post. Check my post out when you get the Chance 🙂


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