How Do You Know When It’s Time to Break Up


Are you constantly having trouble in your relationship? Do you think your  relationship is coming to a close? This article is may help you decide.

Relationships can get tough. Yes, we know you love them dearly but sometimes you have to be the bigger person and cut ties with them. It’s definitely hard, but your happiness is worth more than anything. Don’t settle for a person who doesn’t treat and deserve you like they should. Here are a combination of things to let you know when it’s time to move on. If more than two or three of these things below are happening, you may need to reconsider your relationship status.

1. Talking Less

If your partner is acting differently by not telling you things they used to or becoming secretive all the time you should be alert. Talking less is not a good sign, especially when you would talk all the time. You and your partner are suppose to talk to each other about anything. If all of a sudden they are pulling back you may want to get to the bottom of it.

2. Disrespect

If your partner is purposefully doing things they know you wouldn’t like that is disrespectful. If they are consistently disrespecting you they do not care about your feelings. If they are not trying to change things you don’t feel comfortable with, you shouldn’t allow it. Don’t let your partner disrespect you when they can easily fix the problem, it’s not fair to you.

3. Little to No Attention

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. If they can not put aside time to spend quality time with you ,that is little to no attention. You should not be pushed to the side like you are nothing. They should make time for you because you are special.

4. Repeating Cycle

A repeating cycle is when you go through a problem, the problem gets “solved”, then you are good for a few weeks until you are back at the same occurring problem again. If you are in a repeated cycle, get out of it. It’s not going anywhere but in a circle. If there is a repeating cycle then nothing is changing and their is no growth. A relationship is suppose to grow and move forward. A relationship is not suppose to tear you down and make you tired. Don’t allow yourself to stay in the repeating cycle.

5. Consistent Arguments

Having disagreements are normal and healthy for a relationship. Disagreements are a test to get you through a trivial time. There are also arguments that are unhealthy and toxic. If you and your partner are consistently arguing and disagreeing that is not good nor is it healthy. Consistently arguing causes a toxic relationship. Arguing about the smallest, and pettiest things are a drag. If you are arguing multiple times in a day or week, you are having consistent arguments.

6. Repeated Infidelity

Cheating is bad. It should not happen but sometimes it does. The cheater can make a mistake and never do it again, but if they repeatedly cheat and you allow it, you need to leave. The relationship isn’t healthy nor is it happy. The cheater can’t have you and someone else. You don’t deserve to continuously have your heart broken. Don’t allow them the upper hand, find someone who will never want to betray you.

7. No Effort to Improve

If you and your partner have had multiple discussions on how they will improve, but they still are doing the same things, they have no effort to improve. You can see when someone is trying and you can see when they are not. If you have to always bring up how they say they are going to change, nine times out of ten they may not. They are stuck in their ways. Sometimes they want to change, but honestly are not ready, they would have done it the first time.

8. Making Excuses for their Inconsistency

If your partner has a crappy excuse for their inconsistency it may be time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. If they always have an answer that doesn’t make sense, don’t fall for it.

If you can agree that some of these things above are related to you and your relationship, you and your partner may need to have a little talk. In the end, your happiness is the most important. If you are not getting that from your partner there is someone in this gigantic world full of people that is just for you.  We know the heart is a powerful emotion but don’t let your love overpower the right thing. You will find the right one. Good Luck!


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