6 Things I Have Learned in 2015


I was inspired by a fellow blogger ( A Dash of Michaela ) to do a post on my reflections of 2015.

2015 was an interesting year. As it comes to a close and I reflect on what I have been through, I learned a lot about myself and the world. This year was very challenging and stressful. In all of the bad there was also a lot of good that I can say was beneficial. There are 6 things I want to share with you that I have personally learned from this year.

1. I have learned to believe in myself.

I have had a few rough times through the year when I questioned myself on my capability of doing certain things, like losing weight, creating a YouTube Vlog, and even creating this blog. I have always wanted to create a blog but I didn’t think people would actually read it. I believed in myself and my blog and my YouTube is coming along great. I was able to lose weight and that was a big goal to accomplish. Of all the people I wanted support from, I had to trust and believe in myself first. I had to tell myself that I can accomplish the goals that I have and I am proud to say that my goals are being met.

2. I have learned to stay determined.

I learned that when I want something or make a goal, I make sure I get it. For example, one of my goals was to get two internships my senior year of college.  I was determined on finding two and I applied to  various internships. I was able to get one in the fall and I am happy to say I have one lined up in the spring. I didn’t let my fears of failure get in the way, I let my determination lead me to my goals.

3. I learned that I am a powerful black woman with success in my future.

When I reflect on the accomplishments I have made up to 2015, I learned that I am on the path to success. Four years ago I graduated high school and started my college career. I am three and a half years into college and my bachelors degree is almost in the palm of my hands. I am determined and positive that I will find a great paying job in my career. I only see success and nothing is taking that away from me. God has me with whatever I want to do.

4. I have learned that growing up is not that scary after all.

As a freshman my best friend and I would talk about certain things in our future like getting an apartment, working in our career, getting married, starting a family, etc.  Now that the years have passed we are about to step into that threshold. It was scary at first to think about some of those things but as the time approaches the scariness has subsided. Yes I’m going to have responsibilities, like paying bills, but the previous years has helped equip me for the new chapter in my life. Growing up doesn’t have to be a scary thing, it’s an exciting time to see what life has to offer.

5. I learned to go with my gut feeling.

It is hard to go with your gut feeling sometimes but I have learned that the gut doesn’t lie. I learned from my failed relationship earlier this year that if you feel like something isn’t right, it probably isn’t right. I learned that I can’t let my feelings get in the way of the truth. Trust your gut.

6. Lastly I learned that there are still Good Men out there.

Although I had heartbreak in the beginning of the year, I am ending the year with joy and happiness. I felt like all the good men were gone and it would be impossible that a good man would come around. I was wrong, I have found a wonderful man that has shown me how a woman should be treated. I have never felt so loved and appreciated like I am from the man I am with today. With all the words of wisdom I have received on relationships, “Good men are still out there” is definitely a true statement.

2015 wasn’t too bad because I learned  lot about myself and my capabilities in life. I am thankful for what 2015 has brought because I am stronger than I was before. 2015 is over in two days and 2016 will be in full effect. Bring it on!



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