Major Key Alert to a Healthy Relationship



I got the keys, keys, keys, to a healthy relationship.

DJ Khaled may have the keys, but I have a major key alert to a healthy relationship.

I cannot stress this enough but, COMMUNICATION IS KEY. I know it’s cliche but you will probably hear this on multiple posts of mine because I’m not lying (Lol). Once you establish a great foundation between you and your man on communicating then you are on the right path to a healthy relationship. No relationship is the same but communication is the common goal and major key that every relationship needs in order to succeed.

Now Zakeya, how do you expect for me and my man to communicate, he can’t even tell me what he wants to do when we plan a date or most importantly tell us what we are?

I know it sounds easy for someone to say just go talk to him and then BOOM you’re great communicators. Wrong! It takes time and that’s ok, just take it one conversation at a time. Now, lets get down to some basics.

What is communicating in a relationship?

When you are in a committed relationship or on the verge of being in a committed relationship, Communicating in a relationship is being able to talk to your partner about anything whether it is something that they have done and you don’t like, voicing your opinion on how you feel about certain situations, even regular everyday conversations.Communicating is letting the other partner know how you feel in a non argumentative way. You don’t have to yell to get your point across,  I promise you can talk it out.

Why is it important?

Now that we know a little bit about what communicating in a relationship is, why is it important? Simple, like I said earlier, it is the foundation of your relationship. Having a strong foundation of communicating when you don’t feel comfortable about something and the honeymoon phase has come and gone you have to be able to speak your mind. Your relationship is not always rainbows and lemon heads. You will eventually have a time where he can’t kiss the concern you have away and you will actually have to talk about the issue. It is important to be able to voice your thoughts and concerns before the issue becomes too large to fix. You want to be able talk it out and come to a solution whenever a concern comes your way. (The solution may not happen in five minutes or less but you will get there.)

How can I communicate with my partner?

Lucky you, I have a previous post on 10 Tips to Better Communicate With Your Partner as a start.


I would love to hear your comments and thoughts. Happy Communicating,


*Disclaimer: The advice I give is my own opinion through life learning lessons. I am not an expert.:)

2 thoughts on “Major Key Alert to a Healthy Relationship

  1. Sadly I felt this is one key that is missing in so many relationship. Relationship without communication is a joke. Imagine having a relationship with God without (prayer) which is our communication channel with Him. When one of the partners is silent, something is about to go wrong.

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