6 Reasons Why the Single Life Isn’t THAT Bad

6 Reasons Why the single life isnt that bad

Being single is not always the best, here are 6 tips to help you get through it.

Everyone doesn’t want to live the single life but sometimes it is what it is.

Yes, it can get lonely at times, like really lonely, like I want to crawl in a ball and cry lonely,(Ok Zakeya, too much.) but, living the single life can also be beneficial as well. It’s a perfect time to learn more about yourself and even improve your life. You may have recently gotten out of a relationship and now you’re wondering if this thing called the “single life” is going to be a horrible experience. Honestly, it has it’s lows, but overall it’s not the end of the world. Your time will come when your king or queen will present themselves. Until then, here are 6 reasons why the single life isn’t that bad.

1. You get to heal.

No one ever really likes this process in the beginning because it hurts. The healing process is what it says, a process. It’s the time when you release your anger and sadness to get over your ex. The healing process is a little downing at first but once that is conquered, you’re back to your good ole self . 🙂 (The length of this process isn’t the same for everyone.)

Once the healing process comes to a close…

2. With time, you learn to love yourself.

This is the perfect time to love yourself even more than ever. At first you are not thinking about how great of a person you are, trust me, you are AMAZING and anyone is lucky to be with YOU. Learning to love yourself not only boosts your confidence but also gives you confidence in your next relationship. When I was living the single life I didn’t feel to great about myself but each day it got better. I had to love myself and I did things that made me happy. I knew that I rocked as a person and the people that I was previously with had lost a great thing.  I learned that God put those people in my life for a reason; to show me that I had someone better coming my way. I couldn’t let a bad experience keep me from loving me.

3. You can find a new hobby.

Not only does this distract you from thinking about your ex, you may actually get the inspiration to do that thing you have always wanted to do. You know that thing you’ve been trying to get around to but consistently managed to push it off? It can be anything, only you know what that adventure in tells. For me, I turned to exercising, it was a great stress reliever and I felt good after every workout.

4. You have time to reflect on what you want and don’t want in your next relationship.

After a break-up, while you’re dating, or during the healing process, this is when you can write down or think mentally about what it is that you want or don’t want from your next partner. You learn these from your previous partners or dates you may have taken. From my previous relationships going down the drain I picked up a number of things. I learned what I wouldn’t allow and what I should receive in return from my partner.

5. You learn valuable lessons

You can learn valuable lessons while in a relationship but you can also learn them after. Sometimes your judgment is clouded when you are in a relationship and you don’t see the problems that your loved ones are trying to tell you. Sometimes you choose not to see them even though you know they are there. I am a product of this. I was in a relationship before that I knew I should have ended but I chose to stay hoping our relationship would get better. Of course it didn’t work. Now I know that when certain situations come up that are no go’s I trust my gut feeling.

6. You are still YOU and no one can take that away.

Like I said earlier, you are AMAZING and anyone is lucky to be with YOU 🙂 At the end of the day there is someone out there for you and the previous relationships brings you a step closer to them. Don’t let your relationship status of being single make you think you are less of a person. You and your previous partner might not have been perfect for each other. Your perfect person that accepts the wonderful person that you are will be more than happy to finally meet you. When my boyfriend and I got together and our relationship grew, I knew that he and I became the luckiest people. I didn’t have to change who I was, I was comfortable with being me.

See, the single life isn’t THAT bad. Yes, it can get hard at times but while you’re going through the single life status, check out my Tips on Things to do While Living the Single Life.

Zakeya ♥ 

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