Balancing your Partner and Social Life

Balancing Your Partner and Social Life (1)

You are in something new or maybe it’s been a while. Have you talked to your family and friends lately? Find some balance between your partner and social life.

New relationships are always fun, you’re learning about a new person and they’re learning about you.  You’re giggling on the phone, going on dates, spending time with each other non-stop. You’re in happy land and nothing else in the world matters. I’m sorry to break it to ya but there are some things that matter. You just forgot about some important people: your FRIENDS!

Trust me, I know how it is when you meet that special someone. Everything is fresh and exciting. All you want or care to do is hang out with your boo. In the beginning, your friends are happy for you but then four to six months later, they can’t seem to get a hold of you or hang out with you like before. They know who you are with, and don’t get me wrong, but they miss you.

You didn’t mean to neglect them for the time that you did, you are just overwhelmed with all this wonderful attention and affection from a person that you really care about. In order to keep your friends and your Boo, Bae, Baby, or whatever you call them, happy, you’ve got to find some balance between the two.

Your friends are your friends for a reason. Don’t let your friendship get pushed aside. You can balance your partner and social life by giving each side their own time. Don’t always blow off your friends when they want to hang out or talk on the phone because you and so and so are cuddled up on the couch. It’s ok to leave them for a few hours or even for the day (gasp, that’s too long. Lol) to hang out with your guys or girls. I promise you and your partner will be alright.

Your social life is important and even though your friends might not say it since you are experiencing an amazing part in your life, they still want to spend time with you as well. Dedicate some alone time with your friends to let them know you haven’t forgot about them. Make sure you are consistent with hanging out with them, just as you are consistent with spending time with your partner. Balancing your friends and partner shows both sides how important they are in your life.  (And prevents the “Dang, you got with so and so and got M.I.A” conversation)

Spending time with your partner is great. It gives you time to bond and allows your relationship to grow. This is good and all, but you don’t want to become so involved with your partner that you lose yourself in the process. When I say lose yourself, I mean that by forgetting your friends and even your family to dedicate ALL of your time and energy to your partner.  Your world had a social life with your friends and family before your partner. Make sure you continue to incorporate everyone you care about in your world instead of focusing on your special person. Plan a night out, give them a call, let them know you haven’t went M.I.A. You can do it!  🙂

Have you or your friend ever neglected the other for a new partner? How did y’all find balance?

Happy Balancing,



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