Do you know what the most annoying thing is in a relationship or dating??? INCONSISTENCY.

Ugh, if I had a twenty dollar bill for every inconsistent situation I’ve been in, I would be on a trip to Hawaii right now with the amount I have dealt with from previous relationships.

What is inconsistency you ask? It’s when a person pretty much blows you off when you’re texting, calling, planning a date or even when they’re not doing what they claim they will do differently. Now, I know some of y’all have dealt with inconsistency at some point in your lives, whether it is having a hard time getting them to contact you on a daily basis, text you on a normal basis or even just do what they said they would do.

No one likes it, but people still manage to fall in the category of being an inconsistent person. This is one of my top pet peeves. How hard is it to say “I won’t make it” , “I’m not really feeling you”, or “we should just go our separate ways”? Like really, save people the drama of not knowing where the relationship is going. On the other hand, for all of my people receiving the inconsistency, don’t be naive and think that the constant inconsistency is okay.

Know your worth and learn how to put your foot down on the situation. If your partner or the person you are dating is constantly  (and I do mean constantly) inconsistent, then you need to communicate with them to figure out the problem. If you have done that, then it might be time to kick them to the curb. You don’t deserve to be treated like you aren’t important and that your time doesn’t matter. You are special and you should be treated as such. Never let someone’s poor actions determine your mood. You should not have to worry about their inconsistency, you deserve to be happy.

Do you think a person’s inconsistency mean they aren’t really feeling you? Why? Comment below.


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