5 Ways to Support Your Partner’s Goals

How to support my partners goals

Everyone has their own special goals, including yourself. Whether it’s to start a new business, finish school, lose weight, etc, people have a goal. While you’re in a relationship, it’s important to support your partner’s goals. Supporting your partner not only shows them that you care but, it also encourages them to support your goals as well. Below I have dropped 5 tips on ways to support your partner’s goals.

1. Help keep them motivated

Achieving a goal can get tough at times. The anxiousness of reaching a goal can make a person want to give up because the results are not coming as fast as they would like. Keep your partner motivated by encouraging them to continue their hard work. Sometimes your partner needs to hear words of reassurance to get them back going. Who else better to get those words of encouragement from than YOU of course. 🙂

2. Be there for their dreams, even the wild ones

Now sometimes your partner’s dreams are far fetched, but definitely still obtainable with hard work and dedication. Selling the house for a two-in-one hair salon and hunting shop might not be ideal. Maybe those type of goals could use some reorganizing, but you should still be there for your partner’s desires. Help them do a little tweaking to make sure the goals make sense.

3. Show interest in their goals

Let your partner know that you support their goals. Show them that you are interested in their dreams and that their ideas are possible. Maybe your partner has been turned down from their ideas at some point in their life. Let them know that not only do you care, but you’ve also got their back.

4. Hold them accountable for their goals

This is the tough love portion. When your partner gets low in reaching their goals be that support system that whips them back into shape. Don’t let them fall and give up. Give them tough love when they are slacking or not in the zone for achieving their goal.

5. Celebrate BIG for their accomplishments 

This is the fun part. Show your partner how proud you are of them. This can be anything from a sentimental gift or something they have been asking for (within your spending means, of course.) Giving them a special gift on top of them reaching their goals makes their day more special. Showing your love is all that matters, but adding a little extra doesn’t hurt either.

Everyone wants a  relationship where they can depend on their partner to be there. Now you have some ways of doing that.It might be a crazy or simple goal but, the main thing you have to remember is to give support.Supporting your partner is one of the best things you can give in a relationship.  (Now that’s relationship goals. Lol)

I want to hear from you: What do you think about supporting your partner’s goals?


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Support Your Partner’s Goals

  1. These are some awesome ways to support. Now, if we could get the men to start supporting, that would be great! I feel like it’s typically the women that do or are willing to do all the supporting when it comes to goals. Alot of us women, especially black women, are independent and sometimes stubborn. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be encouraged or to be held accountable.
    We may look like we have it under control on the outside but silently struggling on the inside. Great post!😉


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