7 Tips To Get Over An Ex

Tips to get over an ex

Exes, exes, exes. Those people are something else. Sometimes you can toss them to the side like dirty laundry, other times you can’t get them out of your head like a song lyric…Break ups are the worst part in a relationship, especially when you are having a hard time getting over the other person.Constantly thinking about them, debating on if you both made a mistake, and wondering about the “what if’s” is not going to make the situation of getting over your ex any better. I have a few tips to help you get over that (not so special) someone.

1. Breathe

Just breathe. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. This is a new thing you have to get used to and this might not be the easiest thing to deal with. Getting over your ex is difficult for some, so take it one day at a time.

2. Remember why it failed

When you break up with someone, you tend to think about all the good times you had and rarely think about the reason why you have broken up. Don’t let the good times cloud your judgment of moving on. Remember why it failed. It may have been because of how you were treated or the drama may have been too much to handle, etc. Remembering why it failed reminds you of why you don’t need to go back to them and pushes you keep moving forward.

3. Do things with your friends

Spending time with your friends is a great way to get out of the house, have some fun, and most importantly, not think about your ex. Doing something with your friends and talking to them may even help you feel better. Their words of encouragement could give you the strength to moving on.

4. Don’t blame yourself

This is very important. If you are thinking you are the reason why they treated you like you weren’t important or like you weren’t doing your best in the relationship, DON’T. I promise you, it is not your fault. You are not the problem. Don’t blame yourself for a relationship that you did nothing but care in, and didn’t get that in return. It’s not your fault and they were not for you. You have to go through some battles before you win a war.

5. Learn, move on, and grow

Dwelling on your ex prevents you from growing. Think about your previous relationship and what you can take from it. You may learn some things about yourself that you didn’t even know, or learn that there are some things you need to work on. Whatever it is, learn from your previous relationship and allow that to let you grow as a person..

6. Don’t contact them

This one may be hard for some people but you have to stop. You are only hurting yourself. Don’t put yourself in that situation because it digs your hole deeper in getting over your ex. The best way to get over them is to leave them alone, live your life, and get back to you. Contacting your ex doesn’t solve anything. What’s done is done  and you have to let it be.

7. Don’t search for closure

Getting closure is a great when moving on in a relationship, but sometimes you may never get it. It hurts and it’s unfair but if you sit around everyday praying and hoping for that tiny ounce of closure from your ex, you will be miserable. Why? Because it will always be a constant thought in your head. Instead of waiting, wash your hands with the situation, be the bigger person, and let it go. It’s hard, but that’s the only way you’ll move on.

I hope these tips will help you in this moment of your life. It’s a new norm, but I promise you can get through it. If you’re having a hard time with the single life, read 6 Reasons Why the Single Life Isn’t That Bad. 

I want to hear your thoughts. How do you feel about these tips? Or What is some good advice you could give someone getting over their ex?


11 thoughts on “7 Tips To Get Over An Ex

  1. I commend women who had it easy moving on after breaking up with the men they’d invested their energy, time, and heart on. It’s never been the case for someone like me. 🙂 I bleed heavily.
    And normally it would take a brand new love to be able to recover.


  2. This advice is assuming the ex did something to the person, what if they are the person that did something to their ex? What if they broke up for reasons that weren’t worth staying apart? I agree with moving on from a bad situation and letting that person go if it’s unhealthy but closure is always needed. You must have the other person’s perspective before truly letting another person in your heart fully. Close on chapter to open another one….Your intentions weren’t lost on me and continue to empower people that need to be lifted.

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    • Oh yea, I also agree that closure is needed because it truly helps but sometimes or a lot of times people never get it from the other person. To me, when that happens, you have to find a way to be strong and allow yourself to know that you can move on. If you sit around waiting for them you might always feel bitter or bad about the situation.closure might not come from the ex but come as forgiveness. It might take a while to get to but, that might be the only way to get closure if the ex never speaks to them again.


      • I agree, if their ex isn’t available or dangerous, that person has to get closure in the fact they committed to a problem. But, for most relationships, closure is very important for a healthy process of moving forward. So, what I was saying is closure should be”the rule” not “the exception”. A person she strive for that closure before moving on. It’s just healthier.


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