Dealing with a Gamer Boyfriend

If it ain't broke don't fix it. (1)

I honestly believe this post will be more of a rant for me AND women with a gaming boyfriend that can relate.

Whether it’s Xbox or PlayStation, girlfriends, please put your hands up in agreement that we are annoyed with that thing called “the game.” I am so tired of that thing called “the game.” I’m starting to think that the game was created to annoy women with boyfriends Lol.

Men are so attached to their games, like they really love it, get angry at it and come right back to it again. Me personally, I used to play video games when I was younger, but it wasn’t for me. I’m more of The Sims type. My boyfriend on the other hand is straight up Xbox. 2k, FIFA, you name it, he plays it.

I love my boyfriend but, that game is two point five seconds from being thrown in a pool like that recent YouTube prank I saw the other day. I know that the girl in the video was doing a prank but, sometimes I’m about ready to do the same thing. I know I can’t be the only girl feeling this way. From him consistently yelling at the TV, arguing with the computer player, and the random “Huh, what you say ?” after you have said a mouthful of information that you now have to REPEAT, ugh! Oh, and don’t even think about walking in front of the TV too slow and they mess up, I tell you, we are some strong women.

See, I don’t mind the game at times, well, that is until their friends come into the game over the microphone (sigh). So now, not only is your man yelling, his friends are yelling too Lol. Oh yea, don’t even think you’re about to have a serious conversation after their friends join the game. It’s more like:

Girl: “Babe….babe, did you hear what I said? ”

Boyfriend: “Yea, yea, you said (insert last sentence you recently said).”

Girl: Rolls eyes in anger.

Lol and trust me, they only heard half of what you said.

I tell you, I love my boyfriend, I really do and don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that he has an outlet to relieve stress, have fun, and talk to his friends but sheesh! Us girlfriends might as well grab a book to read or get on the phone with our girls because, their attention is put somewhere else.

Trust us, we love you dearly, and you are all amazing men, but the game needs to GO!

Alright, I think I’ve got that off my chest.


A girlfriend with a gaming boyfriend.


What are your thoughts on this topic? Can you relate?


10 thoughts on “Dealing with a Gamer Boyfriend

  1. Hahahahahaa….
    I can relate. I had an ex that played games from morning to morning. He would take breaks to go to the bathroom, eat, and have sex, work but other than that he was glued to the his gamer chair. I tried to embrace it, because I met him that way. As time moves on, I couldn’t embrace it anymore. We had fights about it and later we broke up. His attention span could not handle the one thing that our relationship needed which was COMMUNICATION.

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  2. I feel you 150% My boyfriend is getting better though! We just moved in together and he is constantly asking me “can I play?” which I love so much because he is asking me if its ok that he is doing something that he enjoys. I am a full time student so if I have to study or get homework done I’ll usually be the one to say “baby, you can play” haha!

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    • Yes! My boyfriend has gotten better as well. He is always on with his friends so talking to them on the game and me on the phone was not working for me. He has taken a large amount of time to mute his mic and center his attention on me, which works great! His friends, not so much lol.


      • Since we live together, I’ve gotten to know “the guys” too and joke with them. We moved 12 hours away from home so neither of us really have made any friends yet but he comes home and laughs and laughs while I’m feeling so alone. We talked about it and I can’t hold a grudge against him for needing social time too. I’m glad it’s working out for you guys!!

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  3. I created a gaming room for my partner… what was I thinking!?! Every second of every day I wonder if he is timing everything so that he can get to his game quicker. Now we have a little boy and he waits for him to go to bed… but when am I supposed to get a look in? Any one on one time here buddy? My main fantasy at the moment is the complete and utter devolution of wifi. Nice to know I’m not alone and shame on me, my rant about gaming is much sweary than yours!

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