My Fitness Journey: Month One


I previously published a post called my weight-loss journey. As I have fallen off of it and struggled to get back into the groove of exercising, I have learned that I’m not sure I want to call my journey a “Weight-loss Journey” anymore. I don’t want the main focus of my journey to only be on losing weight. Instead, I also want to focus on me becoming a fit individual that is healthy. I don’t want my end goal to be to reach a certain size and then forget about exercising. I want to turn my journey into a fitness lifestyle. As I have gotten back into working out and eating properly to see a change in my body, I want to be able to incorporate fitness into my life on a consistent basis.

I feel like we get so caught up into reaching that one weight goal and feel like we can go back to eating whatever we want, as if the weight we lost won’t creep back up on us in a few months. I am definitely a victim of that, and now I am realizing that having a weight loss goal is fine and dandy, but my overall health is my ultimate goal. Now I’m not saying that I won’t fall off and eat a slice of pizza or drink a margarita here and there. Lets not forget, I am still human, but I definitely plan on cutting bad food out a lot more. I not only want to look good with my transformation, I want to feel good when I run around the track and be able to run with ease. You may not know this, but I am not a fan of running. I didn’t give up on the track and I am so excited that my endurance and stamina has improved in a major way. My goal is to run a mile without stopping and if I continue to push myself, I know my goal will be accomplished.

I can’t wait to see how far I will come in six months of eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis. If anyone is looking for that motivation to get healthy and feel better when they walk, run, or daily living, just know I am with you. We have to stick together to push ourselves for a healthier YOU. Do it when you are ready, and your results will keep you going. I have a trainer and a workout buddy and they are both a great support system. Get the support you need from a friend , family member, or even a fitness group. Don’t hold yourself back from your full potential. I’m rooting for you! So go ahead and get going. 🙂

It has been one month since I have started back and I don’t plan on stopping!

One Month Results:


Don’t mind the dirty mirror, but look at the results! Small victories 🙂

Month one: My first month of being serious on eating properly, and exercising on a regular basis was something I had to get my mind in the zone for. I fell off on eating properly a few times, but I made sure I didn’t let it discourage me and continued to get back on track. I am proud of the results that I have for this month and it has motivated me to keep pushing through. I am not as tired as I run and exercise, and the workouts are not as dreadful from when I first started. Oh yea, I recently ran around the whole track without stopping and I felt GREAT. A few more weeks and I’ll be running a mile non-stop. Those old jeans I haven’t worn in months are calling my name! I’m not there yet. #JustWaitOnIt 😉

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