Graduation Blues and Staying Positive


For all of my college grads that have recently graduated and still have not found a job in their career. I’m right there with ya!

Lately, I have been a little down with not finding a job in my career. I have been out of college for four months and it feels like it has been forever. Looking for a job in your field is tireless, demanding and can slightly put you into a negative mood when you continuously receive the “I’m sorry, we have moved on to other candidates that better meets our criteria” emails. I know I get down in the dumps when I receive those emails but I have also gotten numb to the responses. I feel like “Why even apply?  They are going to say no any way.” Sometimes it honestly makes me question my skills and if I have enough potential. I know I do and I know that this is just part of the process but sheesh, this is tough! I know good news will come my way, the time has just not presented itself yet.

A negative type of mind frame won’t get me anywhere. That type of mind frame won’t keep me in a positive mood or push me forward. I have to trust God’s plan that when the right job comes around specifically for me, he will make sure I am the one to receive the position. Until then, I have to stay positive and patient. Positive that I will hear great news and practice patience because lord knows it’s wearing thin. I must remember that God won’t give me too much that I can’t handle. Remaining positive in this type of situation will help me grow as a young adult and teach me to sit back and calm the freak down.

For all the college grads that are feeling the same way as me I hope that this post helps you a little to let you  know that you are not alone. Continue pushing through the tireless days of job hunting, applying to jobs, and do not let the “No’s” discourage you. Our opportunity is coming, we must stay patient and keep a positive mind because everything will come together.












7 thoughts on “Graduation Blues and Staying Positive

    • Thank you! I am so glad that you could found this helpful and positive. I know I am not the only one and it feels good to help someone going through the same struggles of not having it all together, yet. Your opportunity is coming. Stay patient.

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