6 Things that happen when you run into your EX ðŸ˜’



Everyone that lives in the same proximity of their ex always cringes at the thought of running into them in the most general places. Like the grocery store, gas station, park, etc, and having to deal with that awkward moment of what to do next. Below I have 6 things that happen when you run into your ex.

1. Avoid them and run

Yes, why not duck and dodge them. Lol you may look a little weird hiding behind a random stranger but at least they won’t see you.

2. The awkward “Hey” and keep walking



Yes, if you don’t talk to them, that quick “hey” will be very awkward, kind of like the GIF above, especially when you want to avoid awkward eye contact.

3. The “How have you been?” conversation

This is always the question that comes up when you haven’t seen someone in a while. This question can make or break the conversation.Make sure you let them know how awesome you’re doing. You don’t need him girl!

4. Awaiting the “Heyyy stranger” text after running into them

These are always funny. At least when you aren’t interested in your ex anymore. It’s weird that just because you saw your ex randomly somewhere, they suddenly feel the urge to send the “Heyyy stranger” text to spark conversation.

5. The creation of an excuse in your head to end the conversation.

When you run into an ex you really don’t want to talk to and you find yourself stuck “catching up,” the main concern in your head is figuring out how you are going to quickly end the conversation.

6. They are with another girl

Now, this one may either hurt, or make you happy. Hurt to see that they have moved on or happy to see that they found someone new. Whatever the emotion is, keep your head up. This may be the most awkward moment to go through when you see an ex.

Zakeya’s Advice: My advice to you is when and if you encounter your ex, stay calm and handle the encounter quickly and with class. If you do talk to them, don’t turn up your nose during the conversation and don’t be awkward. Let them know that you’re doing great and end it with, “well nice seeing you,” and keep it moving. The conversation will be over before you know it. 🙂

Have you ever had that run in with an ex? How did it go for you?




Inspired by Her Campus

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