My Fitness Journey: Month Two



I have reached month two and man oh man was this an interesting month. I am going to admit that I definitely struggled.

September is my birthday month and for the first time I went out and partied like an adult and went to a club. Yes, I have never been to a club until my 23rd birthday. Along with partying was drinking, eating out, and missing days of exercising. I think I only missed about two or three days but it literally felt like I missed a month. I’m not going to lie I also ate bad quiet a few times outside from celebrating my birthday and missed a few more days of exercising from being sick from a cold. Like I said, this month was a struggle.

My monthly update actually shocked me. I thought that I would have gained weight, but it seems like I still ended up losing weight and slimmed down compared to last months update. I honestly didn’t think I had did that great considering I didn’t follow my diet at all times. As you can see, eating is my struggle, like it is for many people. I don’t mind working out, but meal prepping is my weakness. Even though I  didn’t diet at my best, I still managed to lose and I have improved greatly in the fitness department. I’m almost running a mile! I am running two and a half laps without breaking and I am able to workout longer with little to no breaks in between exercises. Yay!  The main thing I had to learn was pacing. I’m still in the learning process but I am also getting better.

This journey is not about the number of times that I have failed or messed up on my diet. I don’t like to dwell on that. I realize my mistakes and push harder to do better. Granted that this was a celebration month, I plan on going hard for month three and four. My goal is to tighten up on my eating so I can see bigger results. This month was not all bad. This journey so far has shown me that I am capable of pushing myself past my comfort zone and continuing to push myself when I want to give up. As the days go on I see how I have progressed physically and I am very proud of where I have come. Even though I slipped on my eating, I still see a difference in my weight loss and overall health. The main thing I need to focus on is beating myself up. I tend to be hard on myself and I have to do better with that and remember patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my body.  This journey will continue to be a challenge, but I am definitely up for it.

Month 2 Photo Update:  πŸ™‚


Left: Month one (September)                  Right: Now (October)


Left: Month one (September)                   Right: Now (October)

Beginning of fitness journey photos compared to now:


August                                                         October


August                                                      October

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