My Fitness Journey: Month Four


Hey guys! I made it over a hump. I reached 4 months of exercising!!!

Month four was amazing! I stayed consistent with eating and I had less slip ups than normal. I think I can officially say that I have enough control to eat a cheat meal and jump back on the healthy wagon. This month I participated in a two month online training program called No Waist November and I  was only allowed to cheat on Thanksgiving. Giving up bread, cheese, and all the other goodies weren’t as bad as I thought and the great news is that I lost 7lbs! Overall I have lost 20lbs! I am very surprised and happy because it is hard for me to lose weight even though my body composition changes. I don’t use the scale to track my progress, but learning that I lost so much is very rewarding.

Throughout this month, I learned that I. LOVE. TO. SWEAT. It may seem gross to some people, but I love to see and feel the sweat coming down my face. It’s a perfect indicator that I am working my butt off. Sweating let’s me know that I am this much closer to reaching new fitness goals and changing my body. I love it!

Month four was MY month. Not only did I learn that I lost 20lbs, I took two pair of exercise pants out of retirement because they were too small; now they fit perfectly. Talk about excited! I am also able to get back into some of my old jeans that were way too tight for comfort. I am killing the fitness game! I’m SO proud of how far I have come. Now it’s time for me to go to the max so I am able to lift heavier, run longer, and sweat even harder. My six month update will be here in no time and I absolutely can’t wait to compare my progress pics.

I hope that I am inspiring people along the way and motivating people to become a better YOU. Exercising and eating right is becoming a lifestyle change more and more for me and I don’t think I want to go back. No matter what size you are, YOU CAN DO IT.

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All caught up? Here is my Month five update here. Enjoy 😊

Month 4 Progress Pics


I hated the pic on the left, but I had to take it because I knew that I would NOT be the same person in the picture in a few months. I didn’t get serious about my journey until August but seeing my before pictures like this reminds me of how dedicated and consistent I am. When I feel like what I’m doing isn’t good enough I look at this picture to remind myself of my strength. KEEP PUSHING!


Down 20lbs!




New workout clothes keep you MOTIVATED and CUTE

12 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey: Month Four

  1. You look so cute! I think before and after pictures are story in themselves. In your before picture, you’re not smiling at all. You look like you just want to snap the picture and get it over with. But in all of your after pictures/current pictures you look elated. I am so proud of you!

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  2. LaNique, your posts are so inspiring! I just started my get-healthy-and-hopefully-lose-weight-while-I’m-at-it journey, and seeing your posts is so motivating! I read your 1st month blog and my mind was blown – it’s amazing to watch your transformation! I wish you all of the luck and I look forward to your future posts.

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