My Fitness Journey: Month Six!


Drum roll please! I am so happy, I’ve FINALLY reached SIX months on my fitness journey!

I have been waiting on February 2017 since August 2016. In a few of my previous posts, I mention how I couldn’t wait to see how far I will come in February and now February is finally here! 🙂

For the past six months I learned a lot about myself and my fitness journey. The number one thing that I learned as a person who struggles with weight-loss is that it never really gets easier. It’s a huge lifestyle change for someone who didn’t always make healthy choices. I see how this lifestyle change is considered a journey because there are so many challenges along the way that you face within yourself and wanting to stay determined in reaching you goals. I honestly thought that by the time six months rolled around I would be a fitness and healthy eating expert…WRONG! This crap is hard! (Lol) But, this is something that I want and I know that it will all be worth it. To this day I still struggle with eating perfectly and I’m still not where I want to be fitness wise.

Of course I am making physical changes in my body that I am VERY proud of but for the past two months I hit a fitness wall. A “fitness wall” to me is where I lost focus with healthy eating and exercising. I lost weight that I could noticeably see and I got comfortable. I was happy with the changes I made at the moment and I lost sight of my ultimate goals for the future. I learned that it’s normal to hit a fitness wall. It is definitely a challenge to get yourself back on track.  As of now, I am almost back to having my eating to where it was when I was doing my best. I try not to make myself feel too pressured and downing myself in the process.

Another big thing I learned these past six months is not being too dependent on a fitness partner. Sometimes life is thrown at you or at your fitness partner and they may not be able to make it to the gym. Don’t leave that as an excuse to not go, push yourself to go by yourself and not become nervous in the process since you’re going alone. For me, this was a difficult learning experience. Having my fitness partner with me makes the session easier and gives me someone to talk to. One week I learned that my fitness partner couldn’t make it. I had to push myself to still go to the gym and give my all as if she was there.  Now, I am not afraid to go by myself if my fitness partner can’t make it. I simply put on a good playlist and get to work. At the end of the day, I HAVE GOALS TO REACH! #SummerTimeFINE

All in all, I’m super excited to see where I’ll be in August to celebrate my “Fit-versary.” By then I hope I reach my goal weight or I’m very close to it. I hope that by August I am more disciplined than I’ve ever been with healthy eating and exercising. Until then, I’m going to focus on the now and continue to stay determined, focused, and FIERCE. 🙂

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Month six progress pictures


Month 1  vs. Month 6


July 2016 vs. February 2017 Sometimes I forget how much I have changed these last few months. This face definition is insane! 


Back fat is rolling out! I can’t wait until it is completely gone



#beforeandafter Picture on the left was in August of 2016. Picture on the right is January 2017. Yes these are the same workout pants. I thought I was soo cute in them and I KNEW that when my body changed I would love them even more. Now that it has, Guess what? I DO! 😄 Don’t doubt yourself. You CAN do it and you CAN push through. 💪


6 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey: Month Six!

      • Hie.. I started my fitness journey like a, week ago and I’m determined to keep going, I’m only 19 years and I really feel like getting into better shape… Can u tell me how you maintain your diet cause that part is hard for me

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        • Hey Teresa, thanks for asking me your question. I honestly still struggle with dieting and staying disciplined but one thing that works for me is meal prepping. If my food is already made then I’m not as tempted to want unhealthy food. Another thing is try not to see yourself as dieting. See yourself as eating better. You want to trick yourself in a way because the word “dieting” is depressing sometimes. The main thing is dicipline. It’s something that you have to want and do for yourself. It gets easier after a while but you have to stay determined. That was a lot but I hope that helps a little.


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